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Chasing the Shark

While updating my resume this weekend, I realized that I’ve taken lots of classes recently. I’ve expected to live a life of learning, but I was surprised when I realized I’ve taken 61 classes in the last 4 years. Even after I divided it into categories, it was still very cluttered. 

The categories are Technical Classes, Six Sigma Classes, Project management classes, Leadership classes, and Career Development classes. Some of the classes are pure and focused while some of them overlap.  I combined the Leadership and Career Development classes into a single category because there was such overlap.  All of these classes are just one facet of continuous learning.

Why so many classes? I’ve taken so classes because I work in a field where knowledge is a moving target. It is a bulls-eye painted on the side of a fast shark that swims and eats to stay alive. New technology, new concepts, new terminology, new certifications, new strategies and new financial worlds eat their predecessors like sharks. At the top of the metaphorical food chain, I chase the shark. 

Chasing is necessary because the shark doesn’t stop. Time and information move on. My most recent knowledge will likely be obsolete within 18 months. I suspect every field is that way, but in the world of managing information technology, we have been blessed with a very fast and voracious shark.

In a carnivorous world, if you don’t chase the shark, the shark chases you. Chase your shark.


November 17, 2008 - Posted by | Business, Competitive Advantage, Continuous Improvement, Life, Other Stuff, Technology

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