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8 Simple Ways to Grow Business

 With webs, there are constants that consistently drive traffic and grow business. In theory, it may seem important to divide growth from maintenance, but they are inseparable in practice. To be specific, it is important to maintain existing customers, deepen the existing customer relationships where possible, and simultaneously acquire new customers.   

Here are some constants.

1. Know who your customers are, and who the right customers are.
2. Know what your customers want (and also where they are, when they are there, why they are there)
3. Give your customers what they want (where and when they want it, and know why)
4. Find other people who want what your customers want.
5. Make it easy for those other people to find you when they want what you have
6. Work Hard enough.
7. Eliminate negatives and accentuate positives.
8. Rinse and repeat.

These are simple concepts, and they work. 


 To reach success demands:

  • that a business ask customers what they want.
  • that a business watch, gather data, gather information, and thoughtfully analyze data created by customer actions and reactions.
  • that a business analyze competitor’s successes and failures.

These principles are critical online.  While managing a website in 1998, our web log scanning and analysis alerted our executives to a competitor who used a single server to check every page on our site nightly between 2 and 3am. The competitor probably would have gone unnoticed if they hadn’t searched every page, every night, at the same time, during a time when our traffic was usually quite low. It did not help that they used a computer named “” Their focus seemed to be on our job postings. Competitive intelligence is valuable and that is just the sort of information only comes as a result of working hard enough.

Are you working hard enough? Do you have a continuous improvement program? Do you know about your defects before customers complain about them? Do you know what other questions to ask?


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