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Harvard business, like everyone else, is trying to find value, to find competitive advantage in all things green. They have an online section that covers enough topics to make it very very worthwhile.

Dreamhost already has competitive advantage in its hosting. If nothing else, they get it from the “trust and confidence” accorded to companies that find the “relationship between eco-orientation and company performance.”  They also get it from customers and potential customers.  Customers find the eco-orientation as a point for retention. Potential customers see it as a simple way to make a difference.

These two principles, building better retention with current customers and providing potential customers reasons to choose a company – these principles drive economic decisions. They are worthy goals and admirable accomplishments.

Replicating that would require various focus areas:

1) Committment – is there sufficient executive and leadership committment to do it properly?
2) Segmentation – what pieces of the business can be greened in a cost-effective manner?
3) Timing – when can it be done, when should it be done.
4) Benefits – how can benefits be smart? (i.e. specific, measurable attainable, relevant, timely)
5) A stream of continuous improvement, a philosophy of continuous involvement.

How can a company do that?
The key is finding money and environmental syngergy.  Find ways in which business objectives and environmental objectives align, and ways in which they can be encouraged or forced to align.

The key is the same as any other accomplishment – it is simply in deciding to do it, planning to do it, doing it, and monitoring how it is done.


June 24, 2009 - Posted by | Competitive Advantage, Continuous Improvement, Environment, Other Stuff, Technology

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