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Learning – Ivy Style

I recently wrote extensively about developing a Personal Professional Competitive Advantage. I highlighted the value – the benefits of having a competitive advantage that was unique, personal and professional.  How do you get that? How do you do it? Learning is essential.

Learning is personal, and somewhat permanent. If you have a degree, that is something that nobody can ever take away from you… And it is YOURS.  If you learn something useful, that knowledge is YOURS.  It goes beyond that – beyond the thought where the knowledge belongs to YOU – it is something unique and powerful. 

Ivy League Learning How about Free Ivy League Classes?  How about a few classes from a really great school?  If you could add a few classes from MIT, a few classes to Stanford, a few classes from Notre Dame… Put those on your resume, on your LinkedIn, mention them in interviews – do you think that would that provide you a compelling competitive advantage?  The first thought is that taking classes like that would be an incredible investment of time and money… but what if you could do that, free?

I don’t want to discount the value of  the contacts that you would make by attending a really great university in person… but you can take classes like that now and you can take them for free. Let me say it again.  Those classes are available, free. 

I’ve taken one from Notre Dame and one from Stanford University. In 2010, I plan to take 6 more courses.  I am working on a new project to make it easy to find free classes like that – so – if YOU would like to take a free ivy league college class, and you are willing to write a short review, please CONTACT me.

Stay Tuned – Coming soon…  🙂


December 22, 2009 - Posted by | Business, Competitive Advantage, Life

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