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My 6 Targets in 2010

How do you succeed?  How do you define your success?  How do you measure it, track it, and control it?

I have a formula. At the beginning of each new year, I look at what I did during the past year. I look at the things that I was successful at, and what I have failed at. I try to learn from the failures and successes, so that I continually improve – shrink failures, and expand successes. I am targeting 6 things to succeed at, during this wonderful new year. I have 6 targets in 2010.  Those items target a variety of my needs and wants. They fall into these 6 categories:

  • Personal
  • Financial
  • Professional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional

For me – when I find something I want to succeed at, it is essential that I make a list. I need to attach times, dates, and metrics that I can measure to the list.  I won’t explain all of my goals for this year, but here is a sample of my first 4:


1. Be a better husband.
2. Be a better father.
3. Be a better son.
4. Be a better brother.
5. Be a better friend.
6. Be a better time-manager.


1. Set and make targeted retirement contributions to 401k, Roth and IRA.
2. Update Will, Power of Atty, Estate and Medical legal papers.
3. Monitor and manage existing retirement and investment accounts.
4. Perfect and market the Personal Professional Competitive Advantage system.


1. Be published again.
2. Add another 500 followers on Twitter.
3. Write 36 high-quality blog entries during 2010.
4. Develop my business – adding at least 12 customers during 2010.
5. Develop my website – adding at least $1000/mo in revenue by December 2010.
6. Develop successful partnerships with other industry professionals.
7. Complete at least 4 ivy-league college courses.
8. Perfect and market the Personal Professional Competitive Advantage system.
9. Be a better time-manager.


1. Participate in more charity events.
2. Lower my weight by 25 lbs by the end of 2010. (12 lbs by June 30)
3. Lower my cholesterol – targeting sub-195 for total cholesterol.
For nearly all of these listed items, I have developed some targeted dates, goals, and in many cases, some sub-goals also.  This is what works for me.  In some of those cases, it is very difficult to quantify. How do I decide what it means to be a better husband? How do I measure that? Those things are incredibly complex and maybe nobody really understands them.  Yet, for me, putting them on the list, ordering them and thinking about them is sure to help me to address them. For other goals – they are not really within my control. How can I FORCE a company to publish what I write? How can I force readers to read it?  I really can’t. All I can do is to continue writing. I have to look on writing as a bit of a field of dreams. “If I build it, they will come.” (Perhaps another way of looking at it is like this: “If I build it really well, and advertise it, and market it, and have unique and high-quality content, and ask them to visit, I really hope they will come”) So – I will build it – and ADD IT TO MY LIST OF GOALS. I don’t think that adding it to my list will ensure it, but I think it makes a HUGE difference.

So – my personal questions for you are: How do you map out and plan your success? How do you break it down, monitor it, and manage your successes?
In 2010, how will you reach your goals?


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