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Discovery Optimization

Brian Solis makes a point on his blog that Social Media Optimization is the new SEO.  He makes great points, but he is wrong.   To me,  the funny thing is that it is NOT. Social Media Optimization is merely one component. I think what we want is discovery optimization.

Discovery is an ocean, and Social Media Optimization is just one branch of one river that leads to the ocean. Search Engine Optimization is another,  advertising is another, word-of-mouth is another… Every method that customers traditionally use to find – to DISCOVER – are valid rivers.  Every method of impacting or producing content that potential customers can use to discover is a river. If we want our oceans to get the most traffic, we should optimize the all of them. There should be optimized video feeds, blogs, micro-blogs, events, magazines…

Admitting that I have a problem is the first step to my personal recovery, and the problem here is that that there is no way to optimize EVERYTHING.  Time, Money, Skill, Knowledge, and Objectives are all barriers to optimizing everything.  My problem is that these resources are finite. They are limited. At times these resources are scarce.

Jeff Bullas latest blog entry looks at the relationship between social media and content marketing – and he has some numbers and some extremely effective charts displaying what marketers think they should know – what they think they should focus on. These charts show the things that marketers most want to concentrate on in 2010. (as a side note, Jeff”s is a great article also).  My question is… WHY are these particular techniques, strategies and tactics the most important? 

Given scarce resources, are these methods of Discovery Optimization the most EFFECTIVE?  IS there data to suggest that in a world of

Discovery Optimization Sources

I think that given scarce resources, it is essential to put the most effort into the methods that produce the greatest return – the largest streams of customers, the largest conversion rates, the largest purchasing percentages.

What do you think?  Is there a good way to tell which techniques and strategies are the most effective?


February 16, 2010 - Posted by | Marketing

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