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I was reading Kyle Lacy’s guest post in Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog this morning.  In it, Kyle talks about reading Seth Godin’s blog post: “Sing It”.  That feels like a horribly derivative place to begin.  But neither Kyle nor Seth focuses on the right kind of Passion. 

Passion is essential and it is elemental. Passion comes through crystal clear in writing and in life. Passion pushes words out like the Old Faithful geyser – prolifically, frequently and most of the time it pushes them in the sameOld Faithful direction, with great forceful power. Passion is fire below the geyser. Without passion, writing becomes a slow dripping faucet, simply irritating listeners, creating nothing but distraction. That provides zero appeal for the writer, and translates to zero appeal for readers. Without passion, ANYTHING you do will work in sort of the same way. Think about that. Without passion, you are just going through motions that you don’t even care about.

Passion is essential, necessary and sufficient.  It cannot be simulated or faked and like Tom Cruise said about Porsche in “Risky Business”, there is no substitute.  Kyle writes in his blog post, “Devote time and energy to the process and you will experience return.”  That is wrong because it misses the point.   I think it is important to:

Find a process that inspires you so that time and energy flow out with passion.  Find a subject that stokes the creative fires under your personal geyser until the pressure forces your ideas out – repeatedly, powerfully and prolifically.


February 18, 2010 - Posted by | Business, Competitive Advantage, Continuous Improvement, Life

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